Glass Water Drop necklaces & earrings

Blue Swirl Water Drops

Every Drop is Precious * Water is Life

Perfect for any water issue. Raise awareness and funds!

1 1/2 inch tall, strung on blue satin cords.
Handmade, expect slight variations in color and pattern.

blue swirl pendant *** blue swirl earrings


NEW: Clear & Sapphire Blue Pendants and Earrings

Clear Pendant ****** Clear Earrings ***** Sapphire Pendant ***** Sapphire Earrings

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Packaged in poly zip bags on cards as pictured.

Back of card

Water as a Symbol

In cultures around the world, Water represents the feminine,
fertility, healing, purification, and rebirth.
Sacred Rivers, transforming floods, rain rituals and baptisms honor
Water as the source of both physical and spiritual renewal.
Of the Classic four elements, Fire and Air represent the Sky-Father,
Earth and Water represent the Earth - Mother.
As we enter the 21st century, Water has become a focus for those working on
issues of war and peace, social justice and the environment, because Water is Life.


Water Drops are making a Splash:

Rafiki Children's Choir in Canada sold 600 Water Drops in the Winter of 2007/8
at their "Drops of Water" concerts and raised enough money to drill 3 water wells in Africa!

Aveda Salons and Spas sold Water Drops for their Earth Month fundraisers in 2007 and 2008.

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan is selling Water Drops at their water exhibit H2O.

Schools, churches, non-profit, environmental and peace groups, stores, and individuals are choosing Water Drops.

The Alliance for Democracy: Defending Water for Life
and the
Tapestry of the Commons
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: Water Campaign
Democracy Unlimited of Humbolt County
100 Fires Books
The Point Arena Lighthouse
Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
Four Eyed Frog Bookstore in Gualala, California
Designworks in Dubuque, Iowa
O.P. Water Systems in Ontario, Canada
The Water Stop in Upland, California
Angel's Serenity in Scottsdale, Arizona
Mendocino Arts Center
Environmental Commons





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