Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers

Compiled by Jan Edwards

The Updated Corporate Personhood Timeline

This is an updated version of the "famous" giant timeline.
I recently put it in electronic formate which can be printed in
large banner sizes at a copy shop and this small size for home printers.

View or Print the Timeline on your home computer.

It will print out on 8 pages of regular paper in landscape format
which you can tape together to make a timeline.

Most of my work to Abolish Corporate Personhood is up on the
Move to Amend website, but you need to hunt around to find it.
This is my most requested project. I hope you find it useful.

To print the Timeline in large format
at a copy shop or order a large copy from Move To Amend.

The sizes are: 2 ft x 11 ft or 3 ft x 17 ft

The following article was written in 2002 by Molly Morgan and myself
to use as a handout (with the "old" timeline attached).

Abolish Corporate Personhood article

Jan Edwards

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