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Slavery is the Legal Fiction that a Person is Property.

Corporate Personhood is the Legal Fiction that Property is a Person.

Make your own Corporate Personhood Tee Shirt

Here (below) is the artwork for the original tee shirt created for the
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Challenge Corporate Power assert the People's Rights Campaign in 2001.

The WILPF committee went through several print runs on the tee shirt
back in the day, even a couple with a list of groups names on the back
(Alliance for Democracy, ReclaimDemocracy, POCLAD etc.)

My husband, Bill Meyers, has put his quote in the public domain
and you are welcome to use it.

The cartoon created by and given to WILPF
for this campaign by award winning cartoonist
Matt Wuerker.

The first tee shirts I made using this quote were with iron-ons.
They held up pretty well.
It is easy to print out and make your own tee shirt or tote bag or anything
out of smooth light-colored fabric that can take high heat from an iron.

The iron on tee shirt transfer sheets can be bought at any big craft
or office supply store. (I bought a pack of ten on eBay.)
You print on a regular ink jet and iron with a home iron.
The transfer sheets come with detailed instructions.

Below are the tee shirt graphics.
I have included the right side so you can see and read it.
HOWEVER: You need to print the reverse ones!
These are very much like our old ones except they say
MovetoAmend.org on the back instead of WILPF.

Front of Shirt

Reverse Front (for printing)

Back of Shirt

Reverse Back (for printing)

Jan Edwards



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