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Corporate Personhood Tee Shirt

Corporate Personhood Timeline home printout

Corporate Person Costume

Personhood Song

I just put these up so check them out!


The following links take you to pages on the Move to Amend website:

The updated Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers

Interview with a Corporate Person Skit

In the last few years I have been involved with several groups who work
for peace and justice, deep democracy and the environment.
Peaceful Jewelry came about because of and through my work
on these issues with my activist mentors in the groups below.

The Alliance for Democracy

California Center for Community Democracy

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

The Program on Corporations Law and Democracy

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County

Move To Amend

My personal work in the past several years has been covered many topics.
Here is a sampling of projects I have done. All links take you to other websites.

Anarchism: The novel Anarchist Farm, written under the pen name Jane Doe. It was republished in German in 2008.

Abolishing Corporate Personhood: The Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers and Articles on the issue.

The Commons: The Tapestry of the Commons interactive project. This started the Water Drops!

Documentary Film: This Land is Your Land , about corporate power.(I didn't make the film, just in it.)

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