Ocean and Planet Jewelry

Beautiful Jewelry honoring nature and our home planet.

 Birchwood HeartEarth Earrings  Brass Earth Earrings  Silver Plated Earth Earrings

Cast from lead-free pewter, with black satin cords and surgical steel earwires.
Prices $5 each (Earth $8)in quantities of 10 or more, mixed ok.

 Labyrinth Pendant
1" - 26mm

Whale Tail Keyring
1 1/4" - 30mm

Whale Tail Pendant
1 1/4" - 30mm

 Starfish Pendant
1 1/8" - 30mm

 Tree of Life Pendant
7/8" - 22mm

Labyrinth Keyring 
1" - 26mm

 Sand Dollar Earrings
5/8" - 16mm

 Starfish Earrings
3/4" - 20mm

 Tree of Life Earrings
7/8" - 22mm

 Whale Tail Earrings
1" - 26mm

Ankhs and Oms

 Ankh Pendant
11/2" - 35mm

 Ankh Earrings
1" - 26mm

 Om 1 Earrings
3/4" - 20mm

 Om 2 Earrings
3/4" - 20mm

All items above - $5 each

New! Planet Earth - Pin (with bar pin and bail), Pendant and Keyring - $8 each

All Earth Jewelry 1 3/4" - 45mm, in shiny lead-free pewter with antiqued details.

 Earth Pin OUT of STOCK
Pin Back - Soldered bar
pin with cast bail.

 Earth Pendant
Pendant Back -
Large cast bail

 Earth Keyring
Keyring Back -
Large cast bail

Earth Ornament

The pin can also be worn as a pendant by treading a chain or cord (black satin included) through the cast-in bail.
However, if you plan to wear this only as a pendant, you may not want the pin on the back.
This item will also be offered as a Holiday Ornament.
Because it is the largest and heaviest of our items, the Earth is significantly more expensive to produce.
I hope you agreed with us that it is a wonderful value at $8.

On the back of the Planet Card:

Planet Earth

The earliest humans thought of Earth as a living thing - a mother, gaia or creator, to whom we are all connected.
Early astronomers thought it to be the center of the universe and others believed it to be flat.
In the later centuries, humans viewed the Earth as an object with resources to be exploited.
It was less than 50 years ago that the first astronauts really saw Earth for the first time.
The photos they brought back stunned us with the fragile beauty of our blue watery home
- threatened by climate change and mass species extinction.
Now science is turning back to the early vision of the planet as a living organism which is continuing to evolve
- and we humans, an expression of the earth's evolution.

Packaged on cards in 3x5 ziplock poly bags with hanging hole.

Shipping by Priority Mail (2-3 days): 10 cents per item plus $5 per order
(10 items = $6, 20 items = $7, 27 items = $7.70, etc.)

Other stories from card backs:

The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool, used for the purpose of prayer, meditation, reflection, and contemplation. It is found in various forms in all religious traditions around the world and throughout history. This one is a Cretan Labyrinth. A labyrinth is not a maze; there are no tricks to it, and no dead ends. The labyrinth has only one path which leads to the center and out again. It is a universal image representing the path of Life, and is a symbolic journey in the form of a walking meditation. Walking the path is a sacred ritual that can provide insights, courage, and understanding in facing life's challenges.

The Tree of Life
is an ancient symbolic concept found in cultures around the world. Representing wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty, redemption and regeneration, it also is used to depict the relationship of all species in nature. The Tree of Life is a core concept in Judaism, Christianity, Kabbala, Celtic and Druid, Chinese, Assyria and ancient Egyptian religions, and as the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican concept of the World Tree. One of the best known examples comes from the Germans - the Christmas Tree. Scientists use the Tree to map the family of nature. Darwin made a famous sketch of a branching tree as he worked on his theory of evolution. Trees are vital to the cycles of our planet, providing oxygen, food, shelter, soil, even converting mist to rain. The loss of trees worldwide is a factor in global climate change.