the Left Wing
Jewelry: Pin, Pendant necklace, Earrings, Keyring

Perfect for political party fundraisers, peace groups, greens, progressive democrats or other lefties.

To view items and order retail:

Left Wing Pendant,

Left Wing Keyring,

Left Wing Pin,

Left Wing Earring,
with right ear Peace symbol.

Left Wing is 1 1/4" - 32mm long , Peace symbol earring is 13/16" - 20mm

Pendant necklaces, lapel pins, keyrings with lanyard clip to use on backpacks and zippers as well for keys,
and a mixed set of earrings, left wing for one ear, peace symbol for the right ear.
Cast in lead-free pewter. * Made in USA.

$5 each in quantities of 10 or more mixed ok.
Shipping Priority Mail : $5 per order plus 10 cents per item.
(10 items =$6, 20 items=$7, etc.)
to order wholesale

Left Wing comes packaged on cards (as shown) in 3x5" poly ziplock bags.

Back of card reads:

Origin of Left Wing
The terms Left Wing and Right Wing date back to 1789 in pre-revolutionary France.
Inside the chamber where the French National Assembly met, members of the
First and Second Estates sat on the right side and Third Estate sat on the left.
The First Estate were clergy and the Second Estate were nobles,
while the Third Estate consisted of commoners and among them revolutionaries.
Thus, the right wing of the room was more conservative, and the left wing was more liberal.

*What is lead-free Pewter?
Pewter is primarily tin with other metals added for strength and hardness.
Lead was one of the added metals often used in old pewter.
Now that the dangers of lead are so well known, foundries in the US and Europe are using other alloys.
The pewter used in our jewelry contains 98% tin, with antimony, copper and silver and with trace amounts of various other metals.
The Left Wings are cast in Rhode Island. They are a brightly polished, silver-colored Pewter.
Some findings (earwires, keyrings etc.) are from China and other countries.
All items are finished and packaged by me in California. I print the cards on my laser printer.
Peaceful Jewelry strives to practice healthy environmental and fair labor values.
For more detailed discussion of jewelry items, contact me.
Jan Edwards



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