Peaceful Jewelry Items
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Peace Symbols & Doves

Large Peace Pin
Large Peace Pendant
Medium Peace Pendant
Crafty Peace Pendant
Small Peace Pendant
Hippie Peace Pendant

Large Peace Keyring
Medium Peace Keyring
Modern Dove Keyring
Modern Dove Pendant
Feathered Dove Pendant
Feathered Dove Pin
Small Peace Earrings
Sm. Gold-plated Earrings
Sil-plate PeaceHeart Ears

Hippie Peace Earrings
Large Peace Earrings
Floral Peace Earrings
60's Dove Earrings
Outline Dove Earrings
Dove/Peace mix Earrings

the Left Wing

Left Wing Pin
Left Wing Pendant
Left Wing Keyring
Left Wing Earring
with right ear peace


Christmas Ornaments

Large Peace Ornament
Modern Dove Ornament
Feathered Dove Ornament
Planet Earth Ornament

Tea Balls with Charms

 Ocean & Planet

Planet Earth Pin
Planet Earth Pendant
Planet Earth Keyring
Labyrinth Pendant
Labyrinth Keyring
Tree of Life Pendant
Tree of Life Earrings
Whale Tail Pendant
Whale Tail Keyring
Whale Tail Earrings

Starfish Pendant
Starfish Earrings
Sand Dollar Earrings

Ankh Pendant
Ankh Earrings
Om 1 Earrings
Om 2 Earrings

 glass Water Drops

Cobalt Water Drop
Green Water Drop
Periwinkle Water Drop
Teal Water Drop
Clear Water Drop
with Bubbles

24" silver-colored Chain
shown on all Water Drop Pages.
Tarot of Hugo
Dog Divination Deck

Bohemian Passport

Mother's Day Proclaimation of 1870

Political Work