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Everyday is Earth Day!

  Peace Symbols & Doves   Glass Water Drops   the Left Wings Ocean & Planet 

   NEW: Water Drop Earrings  HeartEarth Earrings  Bohemian Passport Tarot of Hugo

Peace symbols, Peace Doves, Left Wings, Water Drops, and
Jewelry representing Nature, the Oceans and Planet Earth.

Peaceful Pins, Pendants, Earrings and Keyrings.

Cast of lead-free pewter and colored glass. Made in USA

Retail and Wholesale prices - Wonderful Fundraisers for Peace Groups.

 Ocean & Planet

  Other things besides Jewelry:

 The Left Wing

 Bohemian Passport

 Glass Water Drops

 Tarot of Hugo

 Peace Symbols and Doves

 Mother's Peace Day Proclamation

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